Long Island Elder Care

Guardians are legally appointed for an incapacitated adult and are given the duty or right to act on behalf of this adult in making certain decisions that ultimately affect the adult’s life. Once a guardian is appointed by the courts, it takes away certain rights from the ward, which can be a very traumatic experience for all.  

Guardianship is a very restrictive procedure for all and the elder care lawyers and attorneys at Zemsky and Salomon can assist with compassion in the complex issue of appointment of a guardianship through elder care laws. 

Contact our Long Island Elder Care lawyers and attorneys for guardianship information.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with Elder Care guardianship, call the Long Island attorneys and lawyers of Zemsky & Salomon P.C. for a free consultation.  We can be reached at (516) 485-3800 or complete the form below.

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