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Long Island Short Sales

A "short sale" is the sale of any type of real estate where the owner owes more to the bank than the property is worth. When experiencing a financial hardship, homeowners often turn to a short sale to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy and the enticement of obtaining a "deal" makes many investors interested in obtaining a good deal for the property.

If you are thinking that a short sale on Long Island NY might be right for you, it is crucial to work with the right legal professionals who will look out for your interests. Our fully qualified real estate and short sale lawyers and attorneys specializing in short sales at Zemsky and Salomon Long Island will work with you to provide legal advice and fully represent your interests.


If you need assistance with any real estate transactions including a short sale of your property, call the Attorneys and Lawyers of Zemsky & Salomon P.C. We can be reached at (516) 485-3800 or complete the form below.

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