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The real estate market in the state of New York and its surrounding areas can be intimidating and complex for anyone. Whether you plan to buy, sell, rent, or lease a property here, the process will always be lengthy and cumbersome. Let Zemsky and Salomon assist you with our Long island real estate lawyers & attorneys.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where can I find experienced real estate attorneys near me in New York?” then you have come to the right place.

Zemsky and Salomon have a team of professional Long Island real estate lawyers that can help with your real estate negotiations, disputes, transactions, or litigations. We have been serving in New York for many years and we have represented many clients in the sales, purchases, or troubles they have with their properties.

Allow us to guide you through the various processes involved in real estate.

Practice Areas of Our Long Island Real Estate Lawyers & Attorneys

Our real estate attorneys at Zemsky and Salomon can be the expert representation you need at every stage of your legal proceeding. We can handle various legal actions related to real estate including:

Buying and Selling

The Brooklyn real estate attorneys on our team have provided guidance to countless clients who sought help with their properties. Whether it involves real estate purchases, sales, or leases, our lawyers at Zemsky and Salomon have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the best deals for you.

Our well-rounded real estate lawyers can take on case issues involving financing, taxes, environment, land use, intellectual property, and labor. We are more than capable of representing all clients whether they are buying or selling assets and loans or seeking opportunistic purchases.

Commercial Leases

Zemsky and Salomon has Queens real estate lawyers who are experienced in representing tenants and landlords concerning their commercial leases. Whether the task involves drafting, structuring, and negotiating complicated leases, we are the law firm you need.

Our years of experience handling commercial leases has allowed us to be experts in leases such as:

  • Office leases
  • Retail leases
  • Industrial leases
  • Shopping center leases
  • Build-to-suit leases
  • Hotel and restaurant leases
  • Ground leases
  • Sale-leaseback transactions

Our real estate attorneys can also handle commercial leasing program structuring and implementation for owners of office buildings and shopping centers. These professionals will guide you in all aspects of your leasing process, from the negotiation of letters of intent all the way to working out agreements.

Lease Agreement

The Bronx real estate lawyers from Zemsky and Salomon can draft and negotiate your lease agreements on your behalf. These documents will be customized according to your requirements for that specific transaction. We will discuss all of the particulars and details of the lease so that you fully understand what you can expect for your space.

When we represent lease tenants, our attorneys will create an in-depth review of the lease agreement so that there will be no surprises later on. We will make draft comments and discuss these with you to ensure that you understand all of your priorities in the agreement.

When representing lease landlords, we will fully analyze and understand your lease intentions so that we can create the customized and ideal lease agreement you need.

Furthermore, we will coordinate with the solicitors of your tenants for appropriate negotiations while ensuring all parties involved can mutually agree to the final document.

Short Sales

There are times when property owners find themselves owing more to their real estate loan than what their real estate is worth. Mortgages such as these that exceed the market value of certain properties could make owners unable to continue making payments. The good news is that these owners could perhaps avoid foreclosure by getting a short sale.

Short sales are transactions in the world of real estate where lenders agree to sell their properties at a price that is less than the existing balance of their loan. This results in the proceeds for such a sale to “fall short” compared to what is due. This typically is available for properties whose loan amount exceeds its current value.

In order to qualify for a short sale, property sellers need to prove to the lender that they are facing financial hardship. Some examples of hardships include job loss, severe medical conditions, and co-owner death.

If a short sale is a deal that you are considering at this time, then the Nassau County real estate lawyers at Zemsky and Salomon can help. Our real estate attorneys will represent your negotiations with lenders and draft the appropriate documents to ensure a smooth process.

Whether you are the one selling or buying, the Suffolk County real estate attorneys we have will offer advice and represent your interests throughout the whole procedure.

Get Professional and Experienced Legal Help for Your Property

At Zemsky and Salomon, we are aware of what is at stake when it comes to real estate transactions. We understand that each deal comes with its own risk and complexity.

In some instances, you might even face legal disputes for your real estate. This is when you need the right people at your side to represent your case.

If you are facing legal disputes that involve your real estate investments, then our Manhattan real estate lawyers are here for you. Our legal team will work tirelessly to ensure your financial interests are protected.

We have already dealt with many types of real estate issues in the state of New York such as:

  • Contract breaches
  • Title disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Eviction defense or assistance
  • Claims for construction defects

The real estate lawyers we have at Zemsky and Salomon are dedicated to resourcefully and efficiently guaranteeing the successful resolution of our client’s case. We believe that most real estate problems can be settled through agreements or mediation.

However, our Long Island real estate lawyers are also ready to file a lawsuit and take your case to court if needed.

Get in touch with Zemsky and Salomon for a free legal consultation at 516-485-3800 or leave us a message on our website.

Examples of cases our real estate lawyers handle include the following:

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