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When you are in an automobile accident on Long Island, you need to be ready, especially in selecting a Long Island hit and run attorney. Knowing basic information ahead and before you are in a car accident will help you make more educated decisions. This should make an automobile insurance claim easier to fill out as well and also guard you in case another driver wrongly blames you for the accident.

What to do Right After Car Accidents?

Protection First

If you feel it is safe enough, pull over to a more secure area. This area should be one where all people involved in a car accident are well seen by other motorists. This action should be accomplished rather quickly since your car could become a road hazard for other motorists.

Stay Calm

Check yourself and passengers for injury. You may become overwhelmed after a car accident, but you should check all passengers, pets and even yourself for injury. If the car crash seems minor with a small amount of property damage, do not leave children, pets or and disabled persons alone. Make sure they are warm and secure and away from further harm.

Hempstead Long Island NY Car Accident AttorneyBe sure to pay special attention to young children that are in car seats. They should remain in their car seat until an EMT has checked them since it is difficult to determine to fully comprehend possible injury to children in car accident so leave this to a professional.

Call Law Enforcement

Dial 911 to report the automobile collision. At the scene of the accident is where you should alert the police. Provide enough detail so the police know whether an ambulance should be called on scene. The police report will detail all aspects of the automobile accident at the for insurance claims.

Be Sure You Are Truly Comfortable Speaking with the Other Driver

You don’t want to go having a dispute with someone that could fall right into a fit like road rage so use caution.

As you wait for the police report to be finished up, never make any admission of guilt about the accident, even if you feel like you could possibly be at fault.  This may place you in a wrong light. Leave these types of details up to your car accident law firm.

Do not make any deals on the side with any motorist at the scene. You may find your car or injuries develop further and your law team will not be able to seek proper compensation. Always file an insurance claim to be safe.  Read this informative article for filing claims under your own policy from the NYS DMV.

What is the proper information to Gather?

Always keep your car registration, proof of insurance, auto title and insurance company’s information in your car. It is also a good idea to list medical info as well, like your doctor’s name and number, any medication you are currently on and allergies, especially to medications.

The following is a basic list of what you should have on hand if you do experience a motor vehicle accident (smart phone photos help as well):

  • Driver’s name, the home address and all phone numbers
  • Insurance company name and driver’s policy number
  • Driver’s license and license plate number
  • Auto type, color of the vehicle model
  • Location of accident
  • The officer’s name
  • The officer’s badge number
  • The officer’s phone number
  • The police report number

Take photos of all aspects of the accident – bumps, scratches, pieces dislodged, etc. A video of all damage is also a great idea. Speak with any witnesses and write down what they claim to have seen – along with all possible information to further contact them if needed.

Make sure to write down the road conditions, weather, and anything else you may think contributed to the crash. Save all medical records and any bills from the accident, They may be required in court and/or claims.

Contact your Insurance Company

When in a motor vehicle accident, you should always contact the insurance company as soon as you can and while all aspect of the accident are fresh in your mind. Discuss all you recall about the accident caused by a car with an established lawyer for motor vehicle crashes so you can seek compensation. You will be happy you collected all the proper information so you can provide a good description of what happened as you file a claim.

Getting in touch with a lawyer

It has been noted previously that if you are injured in a car accident by a drunk driver, a Long Island drunk driving accident attorney will attain greater settlements and much better results than individuals who attempt to present the accident facts themselves. This can result in a satisfying compensation for you now – and for your future.

Lawyers will present the way your injuries have impacted your life. If your injuries currently require ongoing medical treatments, an attorney is your course to attain any future compensation you may need for any unseen injury treatments.

For more information concerning steps to take if involved in a car accident Long Island, view the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles “If You Are In A Traffic Crash” here.

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