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Large cranes operating in everyday construction sites can be the most hazardous piece of equipment. Crane accidents are among the more common accidents that can occur at a work zone. Cranes can pose a variety of injury pitfalls during their operation.  This is why you should see counsel from the crane accident lawyers for Manhattan at Zemsky and Salomon P.C.

Manhattan crane accident lawyers for NYCMoving heavy loads of construction material is common when working within any construction or rebuilding site. A lot of rules and regulations have been developed for operating cranes, including intense training or the crane operators and preventative actions from potential injury. There are significant safety issues to be considered for the drivers of cranes, the workers in the construction area as well as visitors or passers-by to these work sites.

Crane accident attorneys in NYC like those at Zemsky and Salomon understand these safety issues and will work hard to obtain the compensation you deserve as these procedures are not followed.

Some of the ways a crane can inflict serious, or possible life ending injury are the collapse of the crane, the crane driver inaptly dropping material or even the crane driver hitting a person with the loaded material while moving it’s proximity.

Crane drivers can be seriously injured as well if they come in contact with power lines, the crane overturns or falls from a height and mechanical failure issues.

If a crane’s operator is the result of a crane accident, the injury is usually very serious or life altering. The Long Island Crane Accident Lawyers of Zemsky and Salomon have the knowledge needed to help you receive the help you need now and in your future.

Good Reasons to Hire a New York City Crane Accident Lawyer

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets the workplace rules and safety regulations for cranes & derricks in construction meant to keep workers and the public safe around construction sites. Of course even with these strict rules about crane use, errors in judgement still get made, accidents then happen, and people get hurt. The most common cause of crane accidents is a crane striking a power line. This accounts for almost half of all crane accidents.

Some common causes of injury from cranes operating in New York City and why you should seek a crane accident lawyer in NYC are:

  • the boom collapses
  • Cranes striking power lines
  • proper rigging failures
  • Cranes overturning at the job site
  •  Crane mechanical failure
  •  Dropped material loads
  • Cranes causing accidental collapse of a wall or building
  • Incorrect operation of the crane

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