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NY Elevator Accident Lawyers

Our NY elevator accident injury attorneys are ready to help you.People use elevators and escalators on a daily basis and generally are not thinking of a potential accident. We use elevators and escalators at work, while shopping, to get to our apartment and so on. If you live in Manhattan, elevator accident lawyers may be a contact you may wish to have.

People in Manhattan NY experience more elevator injuries and even deaths than other places within the United States. Our Manhattan elevator accident lawyers can handle any accident case where the injury is serious. These involve everyday passengers, employees of the building, cleaning personnel and elevator inspection and maintenance crews. At Zemsky and Salomon, we strive to secure fair compensation for all persons who suffered any of these unnecessary injuries.


  • Elevator falling down shaft
  • Elevator opening between floors
  • Elevator door closing and causing a part of your body to be struck
  • Elevator Defects
  • Falling into the elevator shaft
  • Trip and Fall from mis-leveling
  • Severed limbs
  • Slip and fall injury from escalator
  • Panic attacks and other anxiety issues

Escalators and elevators have similar maintenance procedures that need to be followed. The company that is involved in the equipment inspections, maintenance and applicable services is the liable source. They should always ensure that the elevator or escalator is operating at a safe condition free from any potential hazards to its passengers. These companies can be held directly responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting from improper inspecting, maintaining, and servicing of the elevator or escalator.

The NY elevator accident lawyers of Zemsky & Salomon helps people who received an elevator injury secure damages for their injuries, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been in an elevator accident, especially in Manhattan, contact Zemsky & Salomon right away.

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Each year there are a number of elevator accidents that cause serious injuries. If you are injured in an elevator accident or receive injuries while using an escalator, you need to call the skilled elevator accident lawyers for New York at Zemsky and Salomon.

Our dedicated New York elevator accident lawyers will help with reviewing all portions of your accident, determine the person(s) liable and go over all your options for the lawsuit.

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