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Injuries from dogs occur millions of times a year in the United states and quite often in NYC alone. Thousands of dollars in medical treatment fees are incurred by the victim and not all covered by insurance.

There is also the psychological scars that occur after a dog bite or attack that are rarely addressed. These too can be costly as a victim tries to overcome the shock and physical reminders of the attack. Overall, dog bites can result in devastating permanent injuries that  can affect your quality of life forever. This is why you should secure a lawyer like a Nassau County dog bite lawyers as soon as possible.

Should I Get a Lawyer For a Dog Bite

In NYC, all animal bites must be reported to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) usually within 24 hours of the occurrence. NYC actually has a form that they require residents to complete within this 24 hour period – with your personal information kept confidential.  And with the statue of limitations being 3 years to sue for a dog bite, you should act quickly.

If you or someone you know were a victim of a dog bite injury contact the Nassau County dog bite lawyers of Zemsky and Salomon as soon as possible to discuss your options.

There is a statute of limitations to file a dog bite lawsuit. New York state law states that a victim of a dog injury can sue only within 3 years from the date the attack occurred. In most cases, these types of lawsuits are viewed as a personal injury case and are directed to the civil courts for handling.

How To Sue for a Dog Bite

Zemsky & Salomon Long Island Dog Bite Lawyers and Attorneys will help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the dog that bit you.

It’s important for victims of canine suck attacks and all canine possessors to understand their countries’ laws concerning canine suck liability. Numerous countries apply a strict liability law that states canine possessors are liable for all damages and injuries their tykes beget. Other countries handle canine suck cases grounded on proprietor negligence. New York is a bit unusual in that it uses a combination of both strict liability and negligence laws for handling canine suck cases.

Dog owners are liable for all of the medical bills incurred by the victim, even if the dog owner used reasonable care when handling the dog and made an attempt to stop the attack or assist the victim. It’s important to note that New York law states that canine possessors are also liable for attacks that injure or kill other animals like livestock, farm animals, pets, service animals, or other domestic animals for no known reason.

So if you search for lawyers for dog bites near me on the web, the Long Island Dog Bite Attorneys and Lawyers at Zemsky & Salomon will ensure your rights are protected. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog, contact the skilled Attorneys and Lawyers at Zemsky & Salomon right away.


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