What Is a Bedsore, a Pressure Ulcer and a Pressure Sore?

All are the same, though the typical term these conditions are referred to are known as bedsores.

Bedsores are an open wound on your skin brought on by constant pressure to a specific part of the entire body. This area then experiences reduced circulation and as time passes, leads to tissue damage and tissue death in the region.

Pressure ulcers will usually show themselves on the bony portion of a person’s body. The most common areas for these pressure ulcers to show up are:

  • hips
  • back
  • ankles
  • buttocks

Where a medical facility patient or long term care individual has little to no movement, bedsores are common. When corrective measures are not taken, the untreated areas rapidly become worse. This results in the infected area entering the blood stream or bones and becoming life threatening. You need a Long Island NY Bedsore Malpractice Attorney to help you or your loved one receive the full compensation needed toward healing.

How Are Bedsores Diagnosed?

Bedsores can occur in patients that cannot move freely, are unconscious or are not able to sense pain. Bedsores can begin with the absence of air flow when lying in bed, sitting in a wheelchair or wearing a cast.

Nursing home bed sores lawsuit attorney near mePressure injuries will occur if a patient is not moved regularly. Blood cannot reach the muscle and skin. These are called pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or bedsores.

Bedsores can be a very serious issue with the elderly. Many times these occur as a reflection of the type of care an elderly patient is receiving. Where the patient is not turned or positioned differently, pressure ulcers can develop. Other factors that can contribute to receiving bedsores is diabetes, malnutrition, and poor blood circulation.

Healthcare providers diagnose bedsores by examining the skin of patients who may be susceptible to them. Once examined, a patient will be documented according to the appearance of them, if any. Many nursing home bedsores on Long Island are diagnosed this way.

What Exactly Are the Complications of Bedsores?

Bedsores, depending on the severity, can take a very long time to heal. As with most infections, the first sign may be a fever from the infection. As the infection spreads through the body, it can cause mental confusion, a quick heartbeat, and a generalized weakness. In many cases this is the beginning signs for a bedsores hospital negligence NY law suit.

Are Bedsores an Indication of Nursing Home Neglect?

Patients located in a nursing home or extended care facility are there for care beyond what could be provided at home. Elderly individuals are particularly susceptible to these pressure ulcers . When there is insufficient mobility and the patient is having thinner skin with certain health problems, bedsores can easily form. This is seen as a form of elderly abuse or neglect when in the nursing home environment.

Nevertheless, bed sores may usually be prevented with the correct care program in place. Pressure sores are often an indication of nursing home neglect.

What Else Can Contribute to Pressure Sores?

A number of factors can contribute to pressure ulcers. The most common is extended pressure on a particular area of the body in an older person. Usually, they are seen on areas affected by extended time in one position. These areas can be the lower back, hips, heels, and tailbone.

The likelihood of a bedsore developing increases with dehydration and malnutrition of the patient. Also prolonged contact with moisture, which in many cases is from urine and/or feces, may attribute to the infection.

When bedsores occur from neglect, contact the Long Island personal injury lawyers of Zemsky & Salomon P.C. to discuss your options. The competent Long Island Bedsore Lawyers at Salomon and Zemsky will aid you in the pursuit of any long term care facility neglect.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Bedsore Claims?

If you plan on filing a New York injury claim for bedsores, be aware that the law in New York limits the length of time that a person must file a lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations.

The specific length of statute of limitations varies from state to state, and in the type of claim being sought. In New York, you have the ability to file a suit up to 3 years for personal injury due to negligence. If the claim you intend to file involves medical malpractice, the statute of limitations is shorter period of time, usually 21/2 years from the time the hospital or doctor committed the malpractice.

Statute of limitations is very specific by region. You will want to speak to a lawyer in a timely manner to go over questions concerning your claim.

Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Bedsores?

Absolutely, you can you sue for pressure sores if the promised and level of care at the assisted living home is not given.

There are documents signed as a person goes into these facilities. These papers will state a level of care that the patient is to receive.

If your loved one does not receive a justified level of care as promised, Zemsky and Salomon is able to assist you in achieving compensation for their neglect.

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